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Field Services


FMT has the most comprehensive field service capabilities in the industry.  Our fully equipped 45' field service unit, 'a Portable Machine Shop', allows us to provide a complete range of field service needs and responses. 

This unit is equipped to blast, clean, machine, lap, and test all safety and safety relief valves.  it is also equipped with in-line machining equipment for the remanufacturing of safety, safety relief, gate, globe, check, and control valves.

This unit is also equipped with portable boring bars, welding and stress relieving equipment. 

We also have four (4) 30' to 40' field service units which are completely equipped with tools for quick turn around (in line) repairs.

Each unit is staffed with highly skilled factory trained technicians available for scheduled maintenance, 24 hour turnaround or emergency calls.

Field Service Trailer Completely Equipped with:
- lathe
- milling machine
- 1/2 ton bridge crane
- glass bead blaster
- lapping machine
- stress relievers
- welders
- high pressure air accumulator
- hydrostatic testing
- assorted hand tools and support
- equipment for shut-downs