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Check Valve Series
Swing Cast Steel Check Valve
  • Class 150LB                                   
  • Class 300LB                                   
  • Class 600LB                                   
  • Class 900LB                                   
  • Class 1500LB/2500LB                     
Pressure Seal Cast Steel Check Valve
  • Class 900LB                                   
  • Class 1500LB                                 
  • Class 2500LB                                 
Butterfly Dual-Plate Cast Steel Check Valve
  • Class 150LB/300LB                        
  • Class 600LB/900LB                        
Forged steel check valve
  • Class 800LB                                   
Pressure Seal Forged Steel Check Valve
  • Class 900LB/1500LB/2500LB